Tipu Pilot Programme

The full Tipu Method is now available to invited Beta reviewers (it is not yet released on our resources page until it goes GA).

If you would like to actually use Tipu to implement and run a CSI programme of work, please register on the Tipu Pilot programme. Two Hills reserves the right to close the Pilot programme off when a sufficient (limited) number of sites register. Priority will be given to sites piloting Tipu in a non-IT context - i.e. for improving business services.

We'll give you at no charge:

  • 5 hours of Skype-based discussion and advice
  • 3 iterations of creating and updating your Plan spreadsheet for you (it's a complex Excel object)
  • 3 reviews of Assignment proposals or other documents
  • 3 briefing packs to new assignment teams, showing the kind of thing we give them to get them started, specific to their subject area
  • 1 live video presentation (via the internet) introducing Tipu to your staff and taking questions

In return we ask:

  • a reference at the end of 6 months; a written quote we can use - good or bad (it can be anonymous but preferably not of course). As a favour we may ask for a video or audio interview too
  • a written review of the method at end of 6 months, confidential for our use only for improvement. We'll provide a questionnaire
  • monthly progress reports via email , confidential for our use only (and we might call you on Skype)
  • copies of any revisions you make to the materials, and any new materials you wish to contribute
  • participation in the closed online Tipu forum (as much as you see fit). Register on www.basicsm.com then contact me for forum access.


  • genuine practitioner organisations only. If you are a consultant or trainer you will need to get your client to register.
  • all materials provided to you are commercial in confidence, not for distribution outside your organisation
  • all advice and materials provided carry no warranty of success
  • all service provided is free and as such promises no service levels: best endeavours
  • all service is remote - we are not coming onsite
  • etc usual legal blah blah