BSM: Welcome to Basic Service Management

This is pragmatic, real-world service management: the practices involved in running a business as seen from a services perspective.

We'd like to say 'simple' but service management can only simplified so far. “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” So we say "Basic".

Service management is for anyone who provides a service, or who sells a product (because in this day and age all products had better come with service).

Here you will find
  • Free Checklists to guide you at critical times.
  • New ideas and approaches for service management, including
    • Tipu, a method for Continual Service Improvement
    • The Standard+Case approach to response management
    • Kamu, reconciling Agile/DevOps and ITSM, and improving both
    • Direct: A policy framework... coming soon As far as I can tell, there is no best practice policy framework in existence so I had to build one for my clients.
  • Other Resources we provide to help you with Basic Service Management.

    (E.g. the Supplier Engagement Model presented at PINK15 conference)

  • Links to resources on the internet.
  • The book Basic Service Management, an affordable 50-page description (paperback or digital) of how to provide services - any where, any industry.